Preparatory unit works to lay a proper foundation of a visually impaired child. It does such a groundwork that prepares a child for the all later years of his life. This unit trains children in the age group of 4-9 years. The unit trains around 55-60 students each year. A committed team of special educators, mobility and Braille instructors is working in tandem with one another to foster an articulate, strong young blind.

Activities Undertaken:

  1. A team of special educators train these children in daily living skills like personal hygiene, toilet hygiene, dressing, eating and functional mobility
  2. Proper training in and orientation and mobility is imparted to enable a child to understand his surrounding and environment to travel independently according to his need and pleasure
  3. Sensory training, tactile stimulation and auditory stimulation that focus on touch, hearing, smell and taste are given special emphasis to strengthen the ability to perceive and understand objects and environment
  4. Introduction of reading and writing in Braille
  5. Introduction of numbers and beginners-level mathematical calculation using Taylor Frame and abacus. The low vision students are trained to read and write print work in large print
  6. Training in music and craft is also given to develop and boost creativity among visually impaired children
The Preparatory Unit of NAB plays a vital role in preparing the children for integration in the mainstream education. It trains not only visually impaired but their parents also to enable them to groom their child properly. These children usually take one to three years to be prepared for integration in mainstream schools. The students are assessed at regular intervals. They are also prepared for admission tests in various schools and get admission in mainstream school at primary level.